Limpopo SampleTab Object Model

The Limpopo SampleTab Object Model is similar to the Limpopo MageTab Object Model and represents SampleTab files.

There are three major components - the MSI section, the SCD graph of samples and groups, and the attributes belonging to samples and groups.

The first two of these are summarised in the UML diagram below. A SampleData class object unites the two sections of a SampleTab file, which are also represented as single objects (MSI and SCD).

The MSI object contains submission information itself with links to each of the sub-sections that have their own object representation of entries.

UML of MSI object model.

The SCD object model shares many of its underlying functionallity with the Limpopo SampleTab SDRF object model. This can cause it to appear more complex than it is.

UML of SCD object model.

The most commonly used features of the SCD object mode are:

  • SCD.getNode() and SCD.getNodes() methods to access node objects.
  • SCDNode.getAttributes() and SCDNode.addAttribute() methods as implemented in SampleNode and GroupNode to access attributes.